American & British Academy - ABA English - is an online academy specialized in teaching English with an innovative approach based on the principles of the natural method, which simulates the intuitive way in which languages are learned via total language immersion. This contextual approach is applied to mobile and e-learning of English.
The course can be followed on computers and mobile devices via the app 'Learn English with ABA English'. Full learning continuity is guaranteed regardless of the device used: a student can begin studying the course on a tablet in the morning, continue on a smartphone throughout the day and complete their day's work on their home computer in the evening.
Currently the course can be studied from seven languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. It will soon be available in Turkish and Chinese.
Six English levels are provided, from Beginner to Business, encompassing A1-C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
The ABA English Campus was designed to adapt the natural method to e- and m-learning, using high-quality audiovisual materials as a basis for the learning process.
Each of the 144 course units revolves around a short film (ABA Film) with a modern real-life story which can be viewed with or without subtitles as many times as necessary. The lesson's eminently practical exercises are all based on this film. The student progressively covers all four basic skills in their natural learning order: first listening and learning to speak and then learning to read and write. The grammar explanations, which are vital for consolidating what you have learned, are covered towards the end of each unit and are also delivered in video format.
Every student is assigned a teacher for online guidance and queries. The teacher is available to clarify doubts via the Campus, and also monitors the student's progress, sending motivational emails and study tips. Having successfully completed a level, the student can obtain a certificate that endorses the language skills acquired.



Knowing English is essential for an individual'™s personal and professional development in today'™s globalized world. E-learning is a way to provide universal access to knowledge of any subject, including English.
American & British Academy is driven by the ambitious dream of helping spread the knowledge of English to everyone in the world: our mission is to democratize English learning by providing excellent online education at an affordable price.
For this reason we provide parts of our course for free, allowing people to learn English at no expense as ABA Free students. Likewise, our ABA Premium paid-for course ensures accessible prices that nearly everyone can afford.
The ABA English method also facilitates this goal. Our students learn English in a contextual and 'natural' way, being drawn into real-life scenarios through interesting audiovisual content. In this way, students retain what they have learned better as they associate it with events and 'experiences'™ from the ABA Films. Learning is effective because it is an engaging, intuitive and fun process, regardless of students'™ age or computer skills.
Currently several million people from approximately 200 countries are studying English with us. The number of students is growing at a rate of half a million per month and is expected to reach 7 million by the end of 2015.
The age of our students varies widely between 16 and 80+, though overall the average age is 38. 44% of ABA English students are 25-45 years old, and are divided equally between men and women. In general, they are learning English for professional reasons. An impressive 37% of our students are 45 years old and over, many of whom claim to study English for personal development.


ABA English is an online academy where students learn English with our well-established learning approach, inspired by the natural method. It consists of learning through total language immersion. To do so, we created a system that simulates an online learning process similar to what you would experience by travelling abroad: first you listen and understand and then you begin to speak and write.
Here's how it works: first the student watches the ABA Film and studies the dialogues, learning how to write them. Next the student dubs the actors and interprets their roles, imitating the accents and recording the 'conversation.' The grammar is studied at the end of each unit, together with further practical exercises.
The process is natural and spontaneous: your subconscious gradually absorbs new vocabulary and expressions, and you progress without even realizing it.
Our learning system has taken into account criteria and metrics that demonstrate the effectiveness of experience-based learning. According to the study 'œMultimedia on the Web' by the academics C. Alonso and D. Gallego (1999), students retain information in the following way:
> 10% of what they read
> 20% of what they hear
> 30% of what they see
> 50% of what they see and hear
> 70% of what is said and discussed
> 90% of what is said and then carried out

It is also a well-researched fact that audiovisual tools are effective for learning a language since they reinforce the comprehension of content by combining audio and visual stimuli, providing context and thus improving understanding and retention.
The ABA English course provides diverse audiovisual content that is able to entertain, making it attractive and engaging for students, increasing their interest and attention, and allowing the language to be assimilated effortlessly.
With its mobile application, the ABA English course has evolved further into experience-based learning. The process of learning English through a device such as a smartphone - an everyday personal tool - is even more natural and real, and this directly affects the student's motivation and interest.


Online visits to the ABA English website average 3 million per month (Analytics Jan-June 2015) with some 2 million unique users. Of these, nearly two thirds (57%) are new users.
Student activity data within the ABA English Campus indicates that the method itself promotes healthy engagement levels: the more students use our learning system, the likelier they are to continue studying and become Premium members.
91% of all people who sample the learning method and therefore experience key features such as the ABA Films, related interactive exercises, grammar video classes, etc, subsequently become Premium students.
The amount of time students devote to learning is approximately 2.5 hours of study per week.


Four million people (June 2015) from approximately 200 countries around the world are currently studying with ABA English.
The number of students is growing at a rate of half a million a month and is expected to reach 7 million by the end of 2015.
International diversity: thousands of students are from highly populated countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Italy, France or Spain, but also smaller numbers of students come from remote places such as the Fiji Islands, Bhutan or New Caledonia.
Two continents -America (North and South) and Europe-“ make up 90% of the ABA English student base. The remaining 10% are from Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The majority of our students are from Brazil, Italy, Spain, Mexico, France, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Canada, the USA, Ecuador, the UK, and Portugal, among others.
Student ages range widely between the ages of 16 and 80+, although overall average age is 38.
44% of ABA English'™s students are 25-45 years old, and are divided equally between men and women. They are generally learning English for professional reasons.
An impressive 37% of our students are 45 years old and over, many of whom claim to study English for personal development, as a hobby or for family reasons.
In July 2015 we initiated an international Effectiveness Research study which we commissioned to a team of professors led by Ana Gimeno, Professor of Applied Linguistics at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. By the end of 2015 we shall have the conclusions of this study, together with the results and objective analysis as to how English proficiency levels evolve after studying in ABA English for certain periods of time.
We are proud of the many student testimonies that arrive spontaneously every day, representing all nationalities, age groups and reasons for studying. In the attached PDF ABA Student Testimonies is a selection of them.

Next Steps

> Campus environment: enhance student real-life experiences.
> Enhance mixed education: content plus teacher assistance.
> Enter Turkey and China.
> Explore technological developments for potential new platforms.

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