RefME is the world’s first multi-platform tool to completely automate the citation, referencing and bibliography process for over 7,000 referencing styles. With RefME you can create accurate citations for any source in seconds and complete an entire bibliography in minutes, saving valuable time and marks.

Powerful and easy to use:
RefME lets you create separate projects for each essay or piece of research, storing all of the references together, ready for you to export straight into your paper as a ready made bibliography.

You can easily collaborate or share your work with others by inviting them to join a project, which gives them full access to view, add and annotate citations.

Award-winning iOS and Android apps:
RefME’s award-winning mobile app lets you scan a book’s barcode using your smartphone’s camera, or search for its title, author or ISBN number in order to generate the citation.

Synced across every device:
All your work is synced and stored across every device and on, where you’ll find a more extensive interface and even more tools at your disposal.

Desktop users can also make use of RefME’s handy WebClipper add-on for Google Chrome, which places a ‘Cite’ button into the top of your browser. This lets you instantly add a citation for the web page or online journal you’re currently viewing, straight into the relevant project on RefME.



While at university, founder and CEO, Tom Hatton, found the entire referencing process vital and necessary, but also challenging. Existing tools were either poor, incorrect or had a big learning curve. RefME believes that educational utilities should be free, ensuring students have a choice with the tools they use and that there is a level playing field within education. Our goal is to create a tool that is easy to use and has high quality output.


RefME combines the user friendly and intuitive features such as highly accurate scanning and search with the ability to export the citations on any of the 7,000 referencing styles. Additionally it is compatible with other tools such as Evernote, etc. This makes ours the only "scalable" solution in the market. Other alternatives are either exclusively aimed at researchers (PhD level and above) and have a steep learning curve, or are meant for grade school students but lack the ability to offer them additional functionality as they progress to university and beyond. RefME is the only solution which is free, accurate and scalable, supporting all researchers, from school children to professors.


RefME launched in March 2014 and since inception it has seen a revolution from the ground up with almost a million students joining, scaling to 3 to 5M global users forecast within the next 12 months. To date, students have created close to 10 million references, and are continuing to power the RefME data engine.


This year, the publishing market is valued at $151bn and, as of last year, the global edtech and e-learning market was worth $91bn. Since launching in October 2014, RefME has helped nearly one million users take the “search out of research”, and discover an easier, more time-effective way to accurately create citations, reference lists and bibliographies.

Next Steps

RefME is building a SaaS B2B offering using its citation data, as well as adding discovery and analytics features for Institutes that work alongside the citation process. As the platform scales in the long term, this has enormous potential for disrupting the publishing and search industry given its semantic knowledge graph. In the next five years will continue to scale globally and support vertical search and fuel the knowledge economy.

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