Akdemia provides a school management platform that is incredibly easy to use and user friendly that empowers teachers, students, parents and admin. By providing one go to platform for everything from grading, messaging and virtual classrooms, information is being constantly updated and shared with parents in real time. Resulting in two key things: 1) More engaged community and 2) Richer real time data that leads to better decision making.



Akdemia at its full potential is helping millions of schools all around the world. We are helping teachers create more engaged students by providing relevant content from hundreds of different sources and offering them to teachers: videos, audio, virtual reality or whatever the medium might be in a couple of years time. It will keep parents in the loop about their kids latest achievements and gamify the whole process for students to even include real world rewards. Akdemia will make technology seamlessly interact with all other relevant technologies for school, from attendance to grading to reporting, making admin work a breeze. That is what we define as “an awesome school” and although there are hundreds of obstacles to get there as there have been hundreds to get to where we are today, we are confident that we will one day achieve our vision. We will overcome these obstacles by working hard and getting the right people on board, from staff to investors to distribution channels. Anybody and everybody that shares our vision should be allowed to participate and collaborate in order to help Akdemia create a better future.


Akdemia provides a web and mobile school management platform for parents, teachers and students. There are 2 main problems we solve: 1) School management solutions do not adapt to different educational systems, especially in developing countries and 2) Parents are not well informed of their children struggles and academic achievements. Akdemia solves this by providing them with real time tools to improve their communication and educational outcomes.
Technology is at the very core of Akdemia. We built a cloud web and mobile platform that uses cutting edge technology for everything from arquitecture to API´s to mobile apps (both native Android and iOS), in order for parents, teachers and students to interact with each other in a new way while providing real time feedback and updates on everything that is going on in the school community.


Akdemia has a module totally focused on measuring the engagement of the entire school community. This allows school principals to see if teachers, parents and students are using the platform or not and make strategic decisions to improve the usability of Akdemia.
This tool has allowed us to know important information about metrics and if users are really using our platform. For example, parents used to log in at least 2 times per week in our old platform and we realized that we should improve our user experience in order to motive parents to use Akdemia at least 3-4 times per week. As a result, we launched our mobile app (for Android and IOS) so they get the information in real time and we are about to launch our new interface mainly focused on user experience and engagement.


Our customers are initially school communities in developing countries, starting with Latam. We already have over 17.000 students using Akdemia in over 20 schools from different segments: expensive private schools, low income private schools, government subsidized schools and public schools. This gives us complete confidence of the overwhelming need for our solution.
We applied a survey to the teachers and parents that have been using Akdemia for the last year and the results were amazing:
-79% of parents say that communication with their children about school performance has improved since using Akdemia.
- 69% of parents say that communication with the teachers of their children has improved since using Akdemia.
- 72% of teachers say that communication with students and their parents has improved since using Akdemia.
- 65% of teachers certified to have saved a lot of material (for example, sheets of paper) since using Akdemia.

Next Steps

We are planning to reach more students from vulnerable communities and adapt the platform to allow more seamless onboarding and connection with outside content providers, a crucial milestone that will take us one step closer to our vision.

We are also planning to reach 457,000 students in two years and more than 70,000 students from vulnerable communities which will in turn have a multiplier effect that will get millions of households all over the world.

Other Information

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