Videos are the books of the future. You can learn anything, anywhere. But not many teachers use them in an effective and engaging way.
EDpuzzle empowers teachers to re-use public content and turn them into a video lesson with engaging questions and personal audio-notes. Besides, the teacher gets hassle-free analytics to track their students' quiz responses and viewing history. This helps any teacher to use videos effectively in the classroom and let any student learn at their own pace.

We have seen significant increase in engagement and results from all our active users in different fields: Special Education, Science, Math, Languages or Sports. EDpuzzle has turned out to be so useful that in 18 months since we started we are being used in 180 different countries and a new video is assigned every second at school.



By 2020 every teacher will be just a click away from excellent content online.


We offer a free, ease-to-use video editing tool to our teachers. They can add value to their video by trimming and taking only the parts that are useful from the video, embed questions or record their voice at any point. They share the video with their students and they have individual information from each student: who watched the video and who is struggling with the questions.

All the video-lessons created by our teachers are automatically shared with the rest of our users. In other words, we have a crowdsourced pool of video content with engaging lessons tested in the classroom. The more teachers we have the better content we offer.

In just 18 months since we started the project we have a size equivalent of 50% of YouTube education. We expect to have excellent content in any area in the next five years.


We have a weekly engagement of 45%. This means that there are teachers that use EDpuzzle more than their text book. The secret recipe is to offer a really-easy-to-use tool for free. In seconds, you can create your first lesson and the analytics provide you the necessary insights to be more effective at school. It's like having super-powers.


In just 18 months, we have acquired one million users (140K teachers) in 180 different countries. We have invested nothing in marketing and all our referral has been through word of mouth. To give you three examples:

Mr.Barber (AP Calculus) has been flipping his class for 7 years. Since he discovered EDpuzzle, his results are on the top 5% of the state of NJ.

Mr. Van de Bunte (Math) started using EDpuzzle this year and his groups have 20% better results compared to last year.

Ms. Fetterman (American Sign Language) uses EDpuzzle to review vocabulary with her ASL classes. Her students are more engaged and learn 40% more words in the same amount of time.

Next Steps

Our next steps are focused on reducing the barriers and empower our users:

We are building the Android App so that any student can complete their task from any Android device.
Improve our search algorithm to make sure each teacher finds the perfect video-lesson.
Enable students to complete their task off-line, just to make sure poor internet connections are not an issue for our users.
Give better progress reports to share them with the parents.
Improve our video-editing tools.

Other Information

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